Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just Look At Their Yearbook Pictures

I came across this site and was amazed to discover how much you can tell about a person just by looking at their yearbook picture. Look at George W. Bush---

I bet if the the Dems had just put THIS picture on every ad, he wouldn't have gotten enough votes to make it so easy for him to steal the election in 2000.

Jimmy Carter
looks like a historical figure from one of my elementary school textbooks---clearly he was meant to be a statesman.

Here's the high school graduation photo of our current Vice President.
Joe Biden looks like the nice guy who is Vice President of your class. The kind of guy that always made your study group fun, and a lot of girls would flirt with him to practice. Because he was always loyal to his steady girlfriend.

On the other hand, Bill Clinton looks like the chubby boy who always had a crush on a girl who wouldn't give him the time of day. Maybe that is why he felt he had to make up for it later.

Barack Obama graduated at an unfortunate time in men's attire. Still, you can see he's a nice guy and probably an over-achiever.

Al Gore
looks too serious for his own good. During his campaign people complained he was too stiff and serious.

John McCain looks like the smartass that was basically decent, the guy that knew how to play the system to his advantage. You liked him because he was funny, interesting, and he would let you in for some of the perks now and then.

There's quite a difference between our current Vice President, and the last one. Dick, or Lord Vader as so many see him, has to be one of the most hated men in the world. He's pretty old, so this photo was a long long time ago.

Dick Cheney still has that smarmy smile.

I was amazed at how pretty both Hillary and Nancy looked when they graduated.

Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi
are clearly those brainy pretty girls that scared a lot of guys--then and now.

Sarah Palin recently resigned as Governor, giving one the the most truly bizarre resignation speeches ever. Keith Olbermann compared in in drama to the Nixon "Checkers" speech. For those who don't know, Vice Presidential candidate (he was Vice President under Eisenhower) Nixon was accused of 'ethics violations' during the campaign. He gave a dramatic speech saying that the only 'gift' he had ever taken from anyone was his dog 'Checkers'. And that his wife wore a good "Republican cloth coat"--unlike the mink coats some candidates wives were wearing. Anyway, that was in the fifties. His ticket won. Later he ran for President against JFK and lost. I think it was after losing the race for Governorship of California, he made another dramatic speech that he was done with politics, and that the media "Wouldn't have Dick Nixon to kick around any more."

Of course a few years later he had a dramatic comeback, was elected President in 1968 and almost served two terms -- but had to resign because of Watergate. Anyway, it is something to keep in mind as we think of Sarah Palin. There are differences, Nixon did have a more substantive background. But the fact that Palin was a Vice Presidential candidate at all shows how shallow our political pool has become. I couldn't help it.

It's hard not to compare Sarah Palin
Tina Fey's high school pictures. I know I sound snarky, but it's interesting to see that the former beauty queen is nicely fixed up with her hair done and makeup perfect. Since she is appearing on tv in fishing waders trying to how how 'normal' she is compared to the rest of us. Except.........I'm not a millionaire. And I wouldn't be caught dead in waders. Too hot.

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