Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Do We Pay Them For?

Over and over again we hear stories of bills passed by Congress that the Representative--the person paid to represent their people---never read. Every time I turn around politicians and their cronies are bashing each other in the media, nitpicking each other's decisions, twisting the truth and generally wasting oxygen. I don't expect much from either party, but I did and do expect more from the Democrats currently in power.

I realize Obama has only been in office six months. I am trying not to be too disappointed, trying to give him time. I certainly trust him more than I have any politician in a long time. Yet.............innocent people still languish in prison as suspected 'terrorists'. Yet some idiot conservative pundit gets on t.v. and says that Osama Bin Laden needs to bomb the U. S. to 'wake up' the American people. Ah...why isn't this guy in jail?

At first I was heartened to read that the current Attorney General was seriously considering some prosecutions for those involved in torture. Now his office is backtracking, saying it was just certain lower level people they are going to charge.

Why don't thing 'big shots' ever get punished? Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their minions.........the list of their War Crimes and treasonous acts are huge yet they walk around free.

I realize that with two wars, and disastrous economy and the battle on healthcare Obama has a lot on his plate. But he can find another plate and hire/appoint the people to give us, and the rest of the world closure on this horrible time. To prove that such behavior----lying about WMD, outing CIA agent Valerie Plame, giving no-bid contracts to their cronies, sending soldiers into war without proper equipment, starting a war in Iraq to begin with, torture, renditions, the Patriot Act, the attempts to destroy the Constitution they swore to uphold, the persecutions of people who opposed them..............are not acceptable. That they are not a model for future generations.

Many in that Administration (George W. Bush) had served under Nixon during Watergate, under Reagan with the Iran-Contra and other scandals that now seem forgotten...they learned from each and only became worse and harder to fight each time around. The only way to stop them is to have consequences.

Instead, we pay people to lead and they don't. We pay people to make prudent decisions and they won't. They are just more nonsense clogging up the media every day. Their contributions sometimes seem as senseless as Paris Hilton's career.

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