Monday, August 3, 2009

Rusty and Me

I've had this blog for almost a month now, I'm amazed I haven't made a post about my animal companion. My dog Rusty.

Although I grew up in a household that always had dogs, I kept my distance. I was attacked by a neighbor's dog when I was a toddler, and just couldn't get comfortable around them after that.

I was married for twenty years (now divorced). Although my ex knew that I didn't want a dog when we married, every year at Christmas time he would ask for a 'puppy' for Christmas. I knew he loved dogs, and I still don't know what came over me one Christmas. I stopped at the nearby Humane Society and looked at the dogs they had rescued. One particular dog just caught my eye. She was a beagle/terrier mix (we had a Beagle when I was growing up) and was just so sweet and friendly. I was told she was about a year old, and had been found abandoned on the side of the road.

To make a long story short, she came home for Christmas. We named her "Lady Luck", because I (of all people) had rescued her. And my ex was also a gambler. She lived for sixteen years and was a delight in our childless lives. When we split up, we even agreed to a joint custody.

After moving up north I became acquainted with a gentleman who had sled dogs. Huskies that pulled sleds, just like in the Iditarod. They were such beautiful creatures with sweet natures. Incredibly intelligent, with strong personalities. I loved his dogs. One year he offered me a puppy. I couldn't resist. I had never had a dog of my own. We spent a lot of time talking about how time-consuming the care can be, and how these dogs are more independent than most. In other words, they are smart but they don't always listen and obey.

Somehow I just couldn't say no. So ten years ago I adopted a red and white husky, with one blue eye and one green eye. He has a longer name, but because of his coloring from day one he has just been 'Rusty'.
I think he was about a year old when this picture was taken:

Here he is today, he turned ten on Valentine's Day (February 14th)

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