Thursday, July 29, 2010

Party Prep

My younger cousin and her husband are celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in a few days. Back in 1985 she was just out of high school. He was in the Navy, stationed in California. She went out to visit him, and they eloped. Now they are having a party, and a blessing of their vows.

It will take place in her parent's back yard. Like anyone giving such a party there is a terror that there won't be enough food. My aunt has been cooking and freezing for a few weeks, and still more to do. They are planning an all day cooking fest tomorrow. I think there will be enough food for ten times the number of guests, but we'll see. There is no doubt that they won't be embarrassed by hungry guests.

Today was my day off so I spent it helping to clean and prepare the yard. It was hard work, but the weather wasn't as unbearably hot as it has been lately. And we all enjoyed each other's company as we worked.

Although I'm divorced, I was married for twenty years. I know it's never easy, and P & T have had hardships thrown into their lives--as all couples endure. But they are really meant for each other. I am so very happy for them, and for the fact that we can celebrate this anniversary together.

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