Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Today is the President's birthday, he is 49. One year shy of the big 50. I know he has lots of critics. And I am fairly cynical about all politicians. There is no doubt that the deck has been stacked against the middle class for the past thirty years.

Yet I still have faith that he will still do what he can for the country and the middle class. I think he took on an enormous job--wars, economy, and a Republican party that cares only about themselves and holding power.

I am not saying Democrats are innocent, but of the two parties the Republicans seem to care less, and their whole philosophy is to help the rich get richer. Since the days of Ronald Reagan they've been succeeding.

Our only hope at all has been change, and I do think President Obama is working toward that goal.

Of course the phrase "Happy Birthday Mr. President" brings to mind the infamous sultry singing of the song by Marilyn Monroe to President Kennedy. What a different world we live in now! And the current President will be spending the evening in Chicago---with his immediate family scattered around the world.

While he dines in Chicago with friends on this hot summer night I hope he is able to relax and have some laughs. I'm sure he could use a few.

So I wish him happy birthday----and many more!

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