Thursday, August 19, 2010

We Live In A Crazy World

I work in a hospital and I see all kinds of situations. Yesterday, a patient left against medical advice. We knew why, but it wasn't written anywhere. He didn't want the diagnosis to appear in his medical file. If it did, he would probably lose his job. So he refused medical treatment, and his decision will probably shorten his life. Yet it was more important to him to hang on to his job, and his insurance, for as long as possible. I know changes are coming, but not soon enough. These stories play out every day in the middle of America.

Another patient, recovering from heart surgery. Snuck out of the hospital to have a cigarette. With her oxygen tank still attached. Guess what happened?
I'm a former smoker. I know how tough it can be to quit. Whoever snuck in those cigarettes to her...I hope they feel real good about themselves. She's in the burn unit now.

Then there was the lady who was discharged after a long stay and multiple surgeries. Sent home on a strict diet. She decided to celebrate at McDonalds instead. She collapsed right afterwards. Only out of the hospital for eight hours.

What are people thinking?

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