Monday, July 26, 2010

Health Insurance is Everyone's Problem

My current job offers health insurance coverage that I can afford. That means with a $2000. deductible I pay over $400. a month for insurance for just me. That is a reasonable, actually very good deal in this day and age. At my last job, the exact same insurance would have cost me over $800. a month. I don't have any major health issues, there is no reason for the insurance coverage to be outrageously expensive. Especially for one single person who does not smoke, drinks socially and takes only blood pressure medication.

Yet so many people criticize our health care reform. A reform that will offer more insurance to more people. And eliminate the 'pre-existing condition' clauses that devastated the insurance coverage of so many.
The reform is just a tiny step towards what we really should have in this country. The attitude is 'other people's health insurance is not my problem'. That is such a fallacy.

Realistically, most uninsured Americans go to Emergency Rooms for their health care needs because they must be at least examined there whether they can pay or not. Emergency Room care is very expensive. I have worked in various aspects of emergency medicine throughout my life. I can't imagine why these people--and they are many-- who say health coverage is not their problem. I think they don't understand that they, the taxpayers, are paying for this expensive emergency care. It would be much cheaper to cover just regular doctor visits, and preventive care. Yet somehow they cannot comprehend that they ARE PAYING for it one way or another. So why not do it the most cost effective way?

Sadly, so many of these same people that tell me proudly that they only watch Fox News for their information, and believe Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh are the true voice of 'their' America.
I don't even know where to begin to have a discussion with people like this. It just frightens me that there are so many of them. And that they really believe that they are good, patriotic, Christian people.

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